Highway Criminal Interdiction Class (Free)
Mon, Oct 21, 2019

Free Training

The Ozark Police Department will be hosting an 8 hour class on Highway Criminal Interdiction on October 21st, 2019 starting at 9:00am. The instructor will be Agent Eric Helms with Oklahoma Drug Task Force.

Description: One day class and hands-on workshop training focused on identifying major criminals to include, drug smugglers, terrorists, human traffickers, child abductors as well as concealment methods and more.
Drug-related crimes are impacting every community across the United States. Law enforcement agencies devote a tremendous amount of resources to combat illegal narcotic activity. Uniform patrol officers are in a prime position to target drug offenders. From the drug addict, to the upper-level dealers, patrol officers must be prepared to handle these unpredictable criminals.
There are various techniques and tactics that patrol officers can utilize to be more effective at arresting drug violators. The officers must be familiar with basic drug identification as well as search and seizure case law. Criminal Interdiction, when conducted properly, can be a very successful tactic to combat illegal narcotic trafficking. Concealment methods used by drug dealers are becoming extremely complex. Information will be presented to identify hidden compartments, methods to finding known compartments and common places drug dealers attempt to conceal contraband.
Detecting unusual driving behavior within seconds as a vehicle passes by can be a hard concept to recognize. Understanding of behavioral analysis is essential for all officers both in the field and during a criminal investigation. Officers will only get one opportunity to assess the suspect before deciding to conduct a vehicle stop; therefore, it is imperative to educate oneself further on human behavior.
After attending this course, patrol officers will have the resources and training to seize larger quantities of drugs, firearms, and U.S. currency.
Classroom instruction: Will include a detailed look at prior traffic stop scenarios giving Law Enforcement Officers interpretation of both driving behavior and body language from the beginning of the stop to the end. The classroom instruction will also include instruction on searching and equipment needed to better your duty as a Criminal Interdiction Office.
Required information for Attendees: Law Enforcement certified with the drive and desire to want do more.
This is a free class. I am in the process of getting it approved through CLEST. Bring a flashlight.

2914 W Commercial Street
Ozark, AR 72949

Please let me (Chief Bramlett) know who will be attending so certificates can be ready.

If you need additional information contact me by phone or email DBramlett@ozarkpolice.ar.gov

Devin Bramlett
Chief of Police
Ozark Police Department
(479) 667-2233
(479) 213-3489 Cell
(479) 667-2788 Fax

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