2023 Legislative Bills Filed

Below is a few of the proposed draft bills that will be introduced during this 94 Legislative Session. Out to the side of each filed bill is the stance by the Association's Legislative Committee. Please make sure to contact the Association if you have issues or questions concerning any of these bills, let us know your thoughts. Contact your local Representatives to let them hear your thoughts on these bills.

The information highlighted in yellow was updated 03/15/2023

Felons Restoring Firearm Rights HB1013 - Opposed Introduced 02/07 House Judiciary-Failed-Resubmitted by Representative Flowers

Firemen_Bomb Squad_Guns & Arrest Powers_HB1018-Passed Signed by Governor

Use of Blue Lights on Fire Trucks & Ambulances HB1038-Opposed-This will Run 03/07/23 in House Public Transportation-Failed

ATVs on Roadways HB1041- Opposed 

Retirement Annuities HB1260

Retirement Eligibility HB1262

ATVs on Roadways HB1480 Defense to Prosecution-Oppose

Digitized DL HB1244-Opposed as Written

Reemployment of Retired LEO HB1298-Support

Officer Wellness HB1302-Opposed as Written

Classification of Duty Disability HB1316-Shell Bill   

Headlamps Required HB1324-Support-Passed in House

Allows LE to Trade Seized Firearms HB1327-Support-Passed House Judiciary-Passed House City, County Local 3/7

Catalytic Converts HB1365-Support-Passed Senate & House-Waiting Governor's Signature

Issuance of DL to Non-Citizen HB1429-Neutral-Actuary in Progress-Passed House Transportation

Fentanyl Enforcement Accountability Act HB1456-Support

Vincent Parks Law HB1458-Passed House Public Health, Welfare, & Labor Committee-On to Senate-Signed by Governor- CLEST working on training to meet the requirements of Act.

Distracted Driving_Ashton's Law HB1486-Support-Ran and Passed in House Public Transportation Committee-On to Senate

Athletic Official Abuse HB1496

Disarming a LEO HB1521.As amended

Penalties for Moving Violations in Work Zones HB1561

Speed Trap HB1621

Fleeing Vehicle HB1623

Damage Amount to File Report HB1633

Speeding Viol Class_25 over HB1634.pdf









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