September 27, 2016
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From: Employment Opportunities
Police Officer
The city of Mayflower seeks a certified police officer, with a minimum of 3...
6/30/2016 12:34:00 PM

From: Employment Opportunities
Chief of Police
The chosen candidate will hold a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice or r...
6/28/2016 10:59:00 AM

From: Employment Opportunities
Police Officer
Looking for an individual committed to excellence.
5/26/2016 2:39:00 PM


Supporting Membership DriveWin a Free Handgun!

Our Supporting Membership Drive is underway! 
Just as a reminder, the Board of Directors is asking every member to participate in our Supporting Member Drive. People who are supportive of the purposes and objectives of the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police are eligible to become a non-voting member to help support the men and women in blue. 
Our slogan is "Every Member Recruit One." We are asking every voting member to recruit at a minimum, one non-voting supporting member (perhaps a relative or family member that would like to support our programs). A supporting membership is $100 a year. All you have to do is fill out this supporting member form and send it back to the association office. We will send an AACP decal and letter of thanks for their support in return. 
The voting member that recruits the most supporting members will receive a free handgun at our next convention. Make sure you provide your name to Jackie Strickland in our association office as the recruiter of a specific new supporting member so you will obtain credit.
We appreciate everyone's commitment to strengthening our association! 




Welcome to the Web site of the Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police. This site has been created to allow for increased accessibility by our members and those we serve. We appreciate your interest in our organization and hope you find our Web site interesting and informative.

At this site, we provide you with insights into our organizational activities, our commitment to our communities and how we represent the police chiefs of the state of Arkansas. Please make yourself at home and browse through the links that we have provided.

Chief J.R. Wilson
AACP President

What is the AACP?

The AACP is a non-profit organization of police chiefs and executives from all over Arkansas, who recognize the importance of having proven, effective leaders in law enforcement today. The AACP continually works towards enhancing the knowledge and skills of police executives so that they can effectively meet the growing demand of providing the best possible law enforcement available today.

In addition, we promote and advance the science of police administration and crime prevention. We develop and disseminate professional administrative practices, foster police cooperation, and exchange information and experiences throughout the state.


AACP 49th Annual Convention

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